Code Of Ethics

  • Conduct business positively, ethically, and always adhere by the law.
  • Always provide accurate information about Ronella products without providing assumptions and false information
  • Friendly with Ronella’s customers, be responsile and care to customers before and after purchase.
  • Adhere to the policies set by Ronella and do follow if there is any changes from time to time.

Be A Partner

A. Registration:


  • Select the product
  • Make payment to your agent/stockist / master stockist / HQ
  • Fill in the entry form


  • Select the product
  • Make payment to your stockist / master stockist / HQ
  • Fill in the entry form


  • Select the product
  • Make payment to your master stockist / HQ
  • Fill in the entry form

B. Upgrade:

You have the opportunity to upgrade your status from any level. You only need to register once again according to your status options. Follow the steps in section A above.

C. Downgrade:

If you want to change your ‘Partner’ status to a status lower than the current status, you have to fill out the entry form according to the level you want. You can also be automatically downgraded if you are being penalized from your stockist / HQ master.

D. Payment:

Registration fee will not be refunded after you receive your product . Payments will not be refunded if you want to switch to lower level than your current level after full payment is made. Payment can be made by cash, online transfer, PayPal, check, or debit / credit card


A. Re-Label

You are not allowed to sell Ronella products in other labels other than label that provided by HQ.

B. New product

You are only allowed to produce new products for your own use based on Ronella products. You are not allowed to resell new products produced using Ronella product-based ingredients.


A. Copyright

You are not allowed to use Ronella’s name if you sell without buying products from HQ.

Commission and bonus

A. Bonus point

Every product purchased by a partner during the restock is eligible for points. Each product has a different point set by HQ. HQ will give bonuses in the form of rewards and will be announced from time to time. Point can not be changed with other mechanisms other than the reward announced by HQ. Bonus point is only feasible for agents and stockists.

B. Recruit commission

Agents and stockists are eligible for a recruit commission from HQ. With condition that the partner are registering under the agent / stockist, and make a purchase of the enrollment kit from HQ.

Commission fees will be paid within 7 working days after the partner’s payment date.

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