What is Ronella's Partner Program?

Ronella’s Partner program are built for connecting us with consumer like you. While partners are the only entity allowed to sell our products, partners are also who are enjoyed discounted prices and more benefits from us.

You can sign up as partner by visiting Partner page to know more.

Are Ronella's Essential Oils Can Be Use For All Age?

Yes but we have restricted some oils to NOT be use by pregnant mom and children under 6 years old. Certain essentials oils are considered too powerful for use during pregnancy as they may stimulate the production of certain hormones and can encourage bleeding.

Children are more at risk because they are smaller and therefore more susceptible to toxic substances, their metabolism is less effective than an adults, their skin is thinner and not as mature as an adults, and they are more susceptible to respiratory issues.

How Can I Know Wether Ronella’s Essential Oils Are 100% Pure?

All of our suppliers are required to provide us with GC/MC tests before they ship the products. Once we received the oils, we will send the products to third party authority lab (FRIM) to test all oils. And we will provide the GC/MS test result to you by request.

Noted that GC/MC is the only method to prove wether the oils are pure or not.

Do I Need To Dilute Ronella’s Essential oils When Using Topically?

Yes. Essential oils are volatile meaning that they evaporate very quickly. When you dilute essential oils, the evaporation process is much slower because they are diluted in non-volatile substances. The carrier oil then carries the essential oil into the skin which means that you can use less essential oil.

Additionally, the therapeutic benefits of a carrier oil often increases the therapeutic benefits of the essential oil!

Are Ronella’s Essential Oils Organic?

Many are but not all. We work very hard with our suppliers to provide oils that come from organically grown plants. That being said, we only carry a small line of certified organic oils. These oils are clearly labeled and our line of certified organic oils and synergies is continually growing. If you are looking for a guarantee that the oil was grown organically and follows the organic standards, we recommend you purchase our certified organic oils.

Since many small farmers cannot afford to certify their organically grown plants, the only way to guarantee the oil is organic, is to purchase a certified organic oil.

Are Ronella’s Essential Oils Therapeutic Grade?

All of Ronella’s oils are 100% pure, free from any additives, adulterants or dilutions. They are of the absolute highest quality and are ideal for use in aromatherapy.

Since there is no organization that oversees the quality of essential oils, ‘Therapeutic Grade’ is simply a marketing term. Any company can say their oils are therapeutic grade. Some companies use other therapeutic grade terms, or other grading or certifying terms, for internal quality standards. However, these terms are often trademarked by the company.

When looking for the highest quality oils, don’t look for terms such as ‘Therapeutic Grade’ since any company can use this term. Since there is no actual third party grading or certifying of essential oils, it is best to look for a company that ensures the quality of their oils based on test results and experts. Some tests that are important when ensuring the quality of an essential oil are GC/MS (Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer) tests.

Can I consume Ronella’s essential oils internally?

As we are are producing 100% pure, undiluted and high quality oils, we are following the safety use of essential oils where it is not advised to consume essential oils internally. If you want to consume essential oils internally, you are advised to do that under medical doctor with clinical aromatherapist certification supervision only.

How can I get Ronella’s products?

You can purchase from our official website at www.ronella.shop

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